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Aliens: Colonial Marines collectibles guide

Audio logs not only provide minor insight on the events leading up to the start of Aliens: Colonial Marines, finding these recordings also increases your Rank bar. Furthermore, the benefits you unlock through higher ranks applies to your profile for both single player and multiplayer. Compared to the tiny dog tags, these audio logs are easy to spot, since they’re represented by large laptops. You can’t interact with all the laptops in the game, though. This handy guide will lead you to all the ones that actually contain audio logs. Note that not all the missions have audio logs.

The colonial marines in the Aliens universe can’t seem to hold on to their dog tags. At least picking up after them is worthwhile. Like the collectable audio logs, getting a dog tag means added progress toward your Rank bar. And no surprise, there’s an achievement for getting all 35 tags. They’re small as dog tags go, so it can be easy to miss a few. Our thorough guide will ensure you find them all.

Along with the many dog tags scattered throughout the Sulaco and LV-426, the famous colonial marines from Aliens get additional name drops through six bonus weapons. These Legendary Weapons can’t be upgraded but are often useful additions to your already-formidable arsenal.

As Newt wisely put it, her doll “doesn’t have bad dreams because she’s just a piece of plastic.” It might be a piece of plastic, but in Aliens: Colonial Marines, it’s worth 20 achievement points on Xbox 360 and a bronze trophy on PlayStation 3.