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Alice: Madness Returns artbook coming from Dark Horse

There is a certain subset among us that like the more artistic side of gaming good and freaky. Luckily, there are developers that like to make their games along those same lines. If you fall into the first category, the upcoming art book for Alice: Madness Returnswill be exactly what you need to spruce up your (probably equally freaky) coffee table.

ABOVE: What, your place doesn’t look like this?

Due in May from comic book publisher Dark Horse, the 184-page hardcover will include production art and media pieces for the upcoming PC/360/PS3 game, as well as an introduction from lead designer American McGee.

If we’re lucky, they’ll sell enough copies of the game and the book that McGee will tackle a reinterpretation of Bunnicula. It could happen, right? Anyway, pics are below to whet your appetite, and you can preorder it from Amazonright now.

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ABOVE: Don’t expect the level designs to resemble anything in the real world

SOURCE: GameSetWatch

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