After The Sunset review

So Pierce Brosnan is past it, is he? Too saggy jowelled and rickety to pack Bond's PPK? Is he hell. Suave and sexy alongside Salma Hayek, Don Cheadle and Woody Harrelson, he's perfect for the plumb part of a roguish retired jewel-thief in this chirpy crime caper.

The title tells the pitch, with Brosnan's Max Burdett pulling off One Last Job before disappearing to the Bahamas with his bird Lola (Hayek) to enjoy a life of cocktails and copulation. But he's getting itchy feet when an old FBI foe (Harrelson) lopes along, certain he's about to half-inch a diamond from a docking liner. He wasn't, until now...

Essentially, it's The Thomas Crown Affair on a Caribbean cruise, with Brett Ratner directing the join-the-dots action with typical brisk efficiency. What makes it all worthwhile is the cheeky-chappy banter between Brosnan and Harrelson, with the pair pitching up in bed together in the most memorably amusing scene. Not a diamond night out, but you definitely won't feel robbed.

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