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Adam McKay promises R-rated The Boys

The Boys


Garth Ennis’ comic series The Boys is to be made into an R-rated movie that director Adam McKay has likened to the film adap of Watchmen .

A couple of weeks back, news broke that Anchorman helmer Adam McKay would be steering the movie adaptation of bloody anti-superhero comic The Boys .

Now, the director has spoken with Collider about what we should expect from his take on Ennis’ distinctive world.

Namely, and most importantly, it will be rated R – “it doesn’t work unless it’s R”, says McKay. Which makes sense, considering the comic’s propensity for adult content (hello superhero gang bang).

McKay tells the website that studio Sony agreed that the film could and should only be made with an R rating. He also refers to The Boys as a “current day Watchmen ”, while placing superheroes “in a time where monopolies have bought our country and you incorporate that as well”.

The comic is built on the same premise of ‘Who watches the Watchmen?’, and follows a gang known as The Boys who keep superheroes in check.

No word yet if Simon Pegg will play Hughie Campbell, the character who borrowed his likeness in the comic series, though that would be a nice example of cyclical comic-movie creativity.

Liking the sound of this adap?

Source: [ Collider ]

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