A shot in the dark

A night at the movies went scare-shaped for real when a man was shot at a Pittsburgh cinema on Wednesday night. Shelton Flowers, 30 was shot in the lobby of the cinema, and died later at hospital.

The Lowes Theater chain has decided that until the investigation is concluded, it will stop showing Jim Sheridan’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ at the cinema. Other screenings across America are unaffected.

Lowes president Travis Reed told The Hollywood Reporter that the company didn’t think there was much of a link between the film and the shooting. "There was a lot of preparation done for this film after Paramount's research told us that it was drawing a primarily young male crowd", Reid said. "We had taken all the precautions possible to limit any possibility of violence, but I'm sceptical that the film itself incited it. I think it was more an issue where the wrong people came into contact with each other."