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A Fox in Space is the adult version of Star Fox I never knew I wanted

If Star Fox Zero left you feeling a little alienated or aching for more interplanetary adventure, I've got the perfect pick-me-up. Matthew Gafford has created "A Fox in Space," an animated parody of Nintendo's most famous anthropomorphic vulpine, and the first episode is now available to view for free on YouTube. It's skillfully animated, and funny to boot. Check it out:

While Gafford had help bringing this episode to life, he's the one credited as virtually every voice, as well as writer, director, animator, and editor. That's some seriously impressive work. And sure, it's not as visually arresting as Nintendo's official efforts, but it's definitely more… adult.

Personally, A Fox in Space's tone strikes me as somewhere between Cowboy Bebop and The Venture Bros. thanks to its cynical and self-referential humor, complex relationships between characters, and stylish opening. I just can't stop giggling at Wolf asking Fox if he has cyborg legs.

If you want to support more episodes of A Fox in Space, Gafford has a Patreon set up for exactly that.

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Sam Prell
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