50 Reasons You Need GTA IV - Part Two

The hugely anticipated trailer crashed the internet as fans the world over clamoured to see the next-gen GTA. It may have been a teaser but it was laced with clues that show what an incredible cocktail of gangstas, violence and saucy innuendo Rockstar has in store for us... Read part 1 of this feature here.

A rundown corner of this district of the city will be your first home, sharing with your brother Roman, while you work your way up the career ladder. Perhaps you could even set up your own block party - streaming music direct to the game's revellers via the custom soundtrack and your PS3's hard drive. That would be pretty cool.

27. Trading Places?
Here's some more Wall Street antics to think about. Imagine that midway through the game you enter a mission that strips you of your money and position, leaving you destitute and roaming the streets trying to work out how it all went so wrong. The aim would be to track down your swapee, nab back your riches and be gently moved by the moral of the story - just like in our all-time favorite Wall Street movie, Trading Places.