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50 Greatest Pixar Characters Of All Time


The Character: A 150-year-old sea turtle, its no wonder Crush likes to take things easy. Not that he can't spring into action when the situation requires it, as demonstrated by his rescue of Marlin from a host of killer jellyfish.

Why So Special: He gets the whole fatherhood thing, watching out for his offspring without suffocating them, and is a good role model for Marlin. He's also extremely cool, which helps.


The Character: The little girl at the heart of Monsters, Inc .'s storyline, voiced by a real infant who was allowed to run wild in the Pixar offices. The lucky little so and so!

Why So Special:
She's got to be adorable enough to warm the heart of gruff old Sulley, so its no surprise that the audience falls head over heels for her too.


The Character: The source of all the trouble, Nemo is Marlin's only son, a child he cherishes with particular zeal on account of the barracuda attack that saw him lose his wife and the rest of her eggs. After sneaking away from home, Nemo is captured by a scuba diver and the adventure begins in earnest…

Why So Special: It's odd to have the nominal lead so comprehensively overshadowed by his co-stars, but Nemo's journey is only a small part of the story! That said, he's still a loveable little critter, isn't he? Wonky fin and all...

Mr. Potato Head

The Character: The resolutely grouchy member of the Toy Story crowd, who tends to use his "angry eyes" more than is strictly necessary. Handy with a quip as is his best pal, Hamm.

Why So Special:
Because with all the cutesiness of the Toy Story gang, somebody needs to balance things out by having a good old moan whenever the opportunity arises. And his tendency to lose his body parts is always good for a chuckle.


The Character: If we're having Mr. Potato Head, we have to have his partner in surliness, Hamm. The smartest guy in the room… at least that's what he'd tell you, anyway…

Why So Special: We had to include at least one of Pixar lucky mascot John Ratzenberger's many characters, and Hamm is by far and away our favourite.


The Character: An advanced robot sent down to earth from a BnL starliner in search of vegetation. Despite being initially hostile to WALL-E's advances, she eventually softens towards him, and the two gradually become inseparable.

Why So Special: The relationship between the two robots is heartbreakingly sweet. Who could resist the moment where EVE revives WALL-E's memories with a kiss?


The Character: Mr. Incredible's best pal and fellow superhero, Frozone is a terrible influence on his buddy, encouraging him to sneak out and fight crime whenever their wives aren't looking. Boys will be boys…

Why So Special: It's Sam Jackson in his most ice-cool role. What's not to love?


The Character: Rex the cowardly dinosaur is another well-loved member of the Toy Story gang, and soon to star in his own spin-off short, Partysaurus Rex ! Woooo!

Why So Special:
He's just so sweet, isn't he? And even though people occasionally poke fun at his under-sized arms, they're set to come in handy in Partysaurus Rex, as he's the only toy who can operate the taps at Bonnie's bathtime!

Edna Mode

The Character: The diminutive, flouncy fashion designer who provides The Incredibles ' "supers" with their outfits. Spandex is entirely too fabulous, dahling.

Why So Special: One of Pixar's finest comic creations, thanks in no small part to director Brad Bird's flamboyant voiceover. Apparently Bird initially approached Lily Tomlin to play the role, only for the actress to insist he do it on the strength of the impression he performed!

Princess Merida

The Character: A feisty Scottish princess who refuses to bow down to the repressive customs of her kingdom, only for her rebellion to bring great peril down upon the heads of her kinfolk. Growing pains, eh?

Why So Special: The Pixar universe isn't over-burdened with strong female role models, but any girl who can fend off a roomful of suitors to win her own hand in marriage goes a long way to redressing the balance.

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