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42 games you might have missed from Gamescom 2014

Qube 2

Platform: PlayStation 4

Not much is known about the sequel to the minimalist cube manipulation puzzle game, Qube 2, but expect it to be... cubier and puzzlier than the original game.

In Space We Brawl

Platform: PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4

In Space We Brawl is a four-player competitive physics-based space shooter, and it looks like it'll be a ton of fun. More local multiplayer console games like this, please.

Nom Nom Galaxy

Platform: PlayStation 4/PC

Q-Games has got another game in the works, and this one is actually part of the Pixeljunk series of quirky indie games. Nom Nom Galaxy is similar to games like Terraria--you've got a huge open world to explore, enemies to beat, and items to collect. Your goal? To take those ingredients, turn them into soup, and send them to your hungry customers.

So when am I going to find the time to play all these games?

It's ridiculous how many games have been announced at Gamescom--and that doesn't even include the ones we've already heard about before. Honestly, if you're unable to find one game worth playing on this list, you're likely dead inside. What recently announced indies are you excited about? Let me know in the comments!

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David Roberts
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