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34 entirely justified Twitter responses to The Walking Dead season 7's first episode

So The Walking Dead season 7 has begun. Literally exploding on to the screen with one of the most traumatic and violent pieces of TV I think I've ever seen. 

OBVIOUSLY STOP READING IF YOU'VE NOT SEEN IT YET. I'm going to put this nice GIF here so you can't accidentally see something you don't want to. 

If you are up for it though, scroll past and see how the world reacted. 

There's no escaping the fact that if you cared at all about the show, that was TRAUMATIC

Obviously there's been a fight for emotional response GIFs

Some people were at least on brand

But only ACTUAL emotion can really explain how we feel

Most took it well though

A lot of people struggled with the sheer level of eye popping violence

A lot of people certainly aren't happy with the writers

Actually, flipping the bird seems to be a bit of a theme

People felt for Rick's no-win situation

Although they were so upset about Glenn they lost the ability to spell

In the end though it's that 'what could have been' moment that cut us the deepest 

For a full breakdown of the episode, check out our The Walking Dead S7.01 review here.

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