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26 Mario Galaxy screens fly in

Sept 10, 2007

We’ve just uncovered 26new shotsof Super Marioundertaking his latest, galaxy wide, mission to save princess Peach, due to be released for Wii on 12 November, and found ourselves drawn to two in particular.

The shots in question depict Mario battling flying bats, spiders and Goombas with pumpkins for heads in the grounds of an old house. We’ve already seen, what we believe to be, the inside of this gothic building in theE3 trailerand given that Nintendo are paying homage to previous Mario games, one example being thereturn of the Boo and Bee suits from Super Mario Bros 3, we’d bet our plumbers hat that this is a nod to GameCube launch title Luigi’s Mansion.

Check out the rest ofnew shots in the galleyand feel the growing excitement as the release ofSuper Mario Galaxy draws ever closer. 63 days and counting.