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25 Evil Movie Mirrors

The Boogeyman (1980)

The Mirror: Think breaking a haunted mirror means the nightmare is over? Think again. The mirror in The Boogeyman continues to plague an unfortunate family even after it gets smashed to smithereens, with each shard taking on a murderous life of its own.

On Reflection: If youre gonna smash a mirror, its probably best to put down some easy-to-clean-up plastic sheeting first, or at least sweep thoroughly afterwards.

From Beyond The Grave (1974)

The Mirror: Hold a séance anywhere near this antique mirror and you’ll have sealed your own fate: it’s home to a hungry spirit capable of dragging hapless spiritualists into its dimension, or getting them to kill for it.

On Reflection: Anyone who hasn’t figured out séances never end well just hasn’t watched enough horror movies.

Candyman (1992)

The Mirror: There’s no specific mirror associated with Candyman: chant his name enough times into any mirror and the vengeful spirit with a hook for a hand will appear to murder you.

On Reflection: There’s no data on what would happen if you tried this with a funhouse mirror. Time for a reboot?

Dead Of Night (1945)

The Mirror : In one segment of this anthology horror, a woman buys her fiancé an antique mirror as a birthday present – which, almost inevitably, turns out to be haunted by its previous owner, a violently jealous man who murdered his wife. Oops.

On Reflection: You know what’s a nice present? A shiny new watch. Or cufflinks. Nice, non-haunted cufflinks.

Oculus (2014)

The Mirror: The Lasser Glass has a long history of causing suffering among the families of anyone daft enough to hang it on the wall… or does it? Reflections are tricky things, and while this mirror has an elaborate and horrible frame, it might only be as evil as the person looking into it.

On Reflection: Whether or not the mirror causes or just reflects violence, we wouldn’t fancy putting it up in our office.