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22 kickass Animal Crossing patterns and designs

Put these patterns in your pocket

The Animal Crossing universe is this mega-weird place where real-life chores, like pulling weeds and digging holes, are actually kind of fun. But you can only unbury fossils for so long before you start to resent that once-quirky Kiwi tanktop you've been wearing for 40 hours straight. Sometimes you just need to inject your Villager (and village) with a bit of your own personality--and you can do just that by creating your very own patterns, with which you can adorn every ounce of your home and person.

Back when Animal Crossing: City Folk released for the Wii in 2008, GamesRadar's Brett Elston put together this grid guide for making some awesome personalized patterns. And now that we can't quit our Animal Crossing: New Leaf addiction, we thought it nigh time to bring 'em back for your enjoyment. Just open your inventory, tap the pencil icon, and get designing.



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