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Looks like a 1TB PS4 is on the horizon

Good news if you've been holding out for a PS4 with bigger storage, info on two new models has been revealed by the Federal Communications Commission and one of them has a generous 1TB hard drive. As reported by Dualshockers, the two new models are listed as CUH-1215A and CUH-1215-B with one still sporting the standard 500GB while the other doubles the storage. Not that we called this in our E3 2015 Sony conference predictions list or anything...

Rather than a full redesign, it looks like this is just a slight tweak of internal components with the biggest difference being a change in weight from 2.8kg down to 2.5kg. In its investors call last week where Vita was accidentally discussed as a 'Legacy' product, Sony listed one of its plans for the future as "continuous hardware cost reduction." This is the first change of the PS4's internal components since launch so a lower cost component arrangement would make sense here.

Whether this will mean a price drop of the PS4 console itself is unclear but a 1TB storage option is definitely a step in the right direction. If you've already got a 500GB PS4, all isn't lost, you can take a look at our list of the best replacement hard drives for PS4.

See the full description of the new model below.

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