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10 amazing knife kills in Modern Warfare 2

There's nothing in Modern Warfare 2 quite like the glee of throwing your combat knife in hope and then seeing the 'bullseye' award flash up on the screen after some poor sap catches it neatly in the throat.

In fact, the combat knife has become something of an internet sensation, with knife-only multiplayer invites and incredible videos of knife kills springing up all over the internet. Everyone's trying to outdo the rest to create the definitive knife death video. So here we've picked our ten favourites - and they're very knife indeed.

Let's start with the most famous:

This one is as lucky as they get. We like the way there's a little correction for windspeed before he makes the throw.

Knives aren't normally known for their bouncy quality.

No wonder this chap got a promotion.

Surely this one's just a lucky guess?