UI scaling, guild banks, Legacy updates, and new Warzones all teased in The Old Republic video

Vacation? Recreation? A developer craves not these things. Or... at least that's what we're guessing BioWare's mantra is as it rolls past its first update and plans for the future of The Old Republic. In a video released today, the developer details some of the big changes coming to the Star Wars MMO, from small "quality of life" updates to new PvP arenas to slay our opponents in.

Most of this information we already knew. BioWare had already said that updates were coming to the Legacy system, and we were told a few weeks back that a new Warzone was in the work. Still, it's good to actually see the developer show off changes to little things, like the UI, to prove that it's listening to its customers. Now, all BioWare needs to do is add rideable tauntauns to Hoth and we'll talk about changing our review score...

There aren't any dates on any of these improvements, but we're holding out hope that they're due out in the near future. We'd hate to have to wait a long, long time from now to see features added that sort of should have been in the game at launch.

Hollander Cooper

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