UFC for Xbox Live delayed to December 20, missing UFC 140

Last month we had the pleasure of checking out UFC for Xbox Live - the downloadable application that would bring a level of interactivity and polish to watching UFC pay-per-view events that we had never before seen. Originally, it was scheduled for a December 1 release, which would have set it up perfectly for the December 10 date for UFC 140, but, today, Microsoft delayed the release until December 20, which misses the exciting PPV by over a week.

No reason was given for the delay, but odds are they want to "polish the experience and fix bugs" or something. Releasing on December 20 isn't all bad - while it misses 140, it sets it up for UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem, which looks like it might be one of the more exciting cards in the near future. 141 is scheduled for December 30, too, so it won't even mean too long of a delay for those anxious to test out the exciting Xbox Live application.

We'll be checking out this fight on the UFC application (as long as it's live), what about you? Interested in seeing if Microsoft's view of the digital future matches up with yours?

Hollander Cooper

Hollander Cooper was the Lead Features Editor of GamesRadar+ between 2011 and 2014. After that lengthy stint managing GR's editorial calendar he moved behind the curtain and into the video game industry itself, working as social media manager for EA and as a communications lead at Riot Games. Hollander is currently stationed at Apple as an organic social lead for the App Store and Apple Arcade.