Two Point Hospital Sonic DLC is live now with free costumes and decorations

Zany hospital management sim Two Point Hospital has added a free Sonic the Hedgehog DLC pack celebrating the iconic blue hedgehog's 30th birthday. The expansion includes costumes that let your hospital staff dress up as characters like Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy, as well as decorations to make your hospital perhaps inappropriately fun.

I'm not sure what to make of a world where Sonic the Hedgehog is someone's therapist and Tails is the receptionist at a hospital, but here we are. To be clear, if you look closely at the skins, it's obvious they're just really well-made Halloween costumes and not Sonic and co. themselves, but it's still a sight to see.

You can also decorate your hospital with Sonic-themed items to distract your patients from the fact that they have 8-bitten, an ailment that compresses your entire body into the 8-bit generation, or Headcrabedness, which turns you into a monster from Half-Life. You can cheer up the place with decorations including a big ol' Sonic statue, decorative rugs, a giant Gold Ring, and even arcade cabinets.

"We are proud to finally unveil the crossover event of the BILLENIUM, as the immovable object of Two Point Hospital and the unstoppable force of Sonic the Hedgehog collide in an explosion of costumes, items, and joy!," reads Sega's description of the new DLC pack.

In case you missed it, there's a Two Point Hospital free trial on Switch, Xbox, and PC in the UK and ANZ right now, while those in the US can play for free on Steam. And if you like it, you can take advantage of some pretty hefty discounts on all platforms and regions; it's 75% off on Steam right now and 30% off on Switch and Xbox in the US.

On the Sonic side, Sega recently admitted to announcing the new game in the series a bit earlier than ideal. It's still coming at some point, but Sega says it jumped the gun just a bit due to the excitement of the series' 30th anniversary.

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