Two Point Hospital console version video walkthrough shows a handy new feature

The Two Point Hospital console release is just under a month away after a delay, and the developers are ready to take you on a video tour of building your own healthcare empire from the comfort of your couch. A new developer walkthrough video starring lead designer Ben Huskins and senior UI/UX artist Lauren Woodroffe will show you how the game works. It's worth watching even if you're already familiar with the PC counterpart, since the developers show off some of the tricks and new features you can use to efficiently manage your hospital with a gamepad.

Features like filters for lists and copying rooms rather than drawing each one in manually will be especially handy when you don't have a mouse and keyboard handy. The game will also make ample use of hotkeys so you can pull up frequently used options without needing to scroll through menus to find them.

One all-new feature coming for Two Point Hospital's console version is Overview Mode. This special view mode allows you to zoom back to an abstracted view of your hospital, making it easier to see how everything fits together at once. It will provide key information on rooms, staff, and patients while simplifying everything else, so you can quickly suss out bottlenecks and other big-picture issues. It looks like a great way to keep the game legible even when playing a room's width away on a TV screen. Stuff like this proves the developers are thinking about how you play their game on new platforms, not just if you can play their game on new platforms.

Two-Point Hospital is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on February 25. It will arrive with two of the PC version's paid DLC expansions, Bigfoot and Pebberley Island, bundled in with the base game. Console players will also benefit from many of the free updates and tweaks the PC version has received since it launched back in 2018.

If you enjoy Two Point Hospital's off-kilter sense of humor, you can look forward to a whole Two Point "world" of games ahead.

Connor Sheridan

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