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This week, we asked Tweeters to describe their ideal Predator 3 / Predators plot. Here's some of the genius responses we recieved in return.

Prequel, predator v native americans v british v french, basically the last of the mochians with a couple of predators thrown in @ Monodogg

Or, if it could be done - Preds kidnap people to hunt on their home planet! B-movie cheese! @ destroytheearth

Set in the future with a more scientifically advanced human race. All out war on several fronts - earth/space/ships - new weapons @ eyecraveshane

Set in tokyo, melding blade runner look with aliens, preds take on yakuza, lots of sumo deaths, the rock and stath take em down! @ robbyrichmond

Turf-war on Earth between Predator cultures - the originals we know and tribe of exiled evolutionary off-shoots. @ manfromthezoo

Arnie, Sigourney Weaver and Danny Glover lead an army to Predator homeworld that is now co-habited by Aliens to destroy them all. @ bbcexpat

Make it an equivalent to Aliens (ignoring sequels so far)-a 'crack team' goes to the jungle to find out what the hell happened! @ mattmaytum

Predator 3 And A Baby: Predator hunts 3 biggest stars of the '80s, Selleck, Guttenberg, Danson. Accidentally impregnates Danson. @ samashurst

Predator Camp: The Predator goes to a run-down summer camp and sets up a make-or-break boat race with the snobs' camp next door @ SuperKaylo

Predator turns up in modern day California to do battle with the evil Governor who killed his brother @ formulaic666

A bunch of Predators threaten Robert Rodriguez into commiting to filming something original. @ stonecypher

Arnie returns after being bitten by a Predator, turns into a half human/predator thing that rampages in NYC everyone dies the end @ Jones_uk

Comes to Earth, kills the director and producer, film never gets made. The end :) @ roguetrooperr

Arnold Schwarzenegger, now host of the Running Man show, realises that his contestants are being picked off 1 by 1 @ blockbusterbuzz

Meet the Predators. The Predator has to meet his human girlfriend's father (Robert DeNiro) @ SuperKaylo (again!)

Predator father/son bonding hunt, father accidentally hurt by old animal trap, son has to find help and/or return home @ Selivia

Danny Glover and The Stath team up to hunt a Predator around London. Buddy movie and roundhouse kicks. A winner!!! @ gezagonk1977

Wedding Predators - Owen Wilson and the Predator crash weddings to prey on large Austrian woman and steal their skulls. @ mansonovic

It should be a hilarious rom-com where a guy pre-dates girls to vet them for his best friend, but ends up falling for one himself @ MikeChannell

Big Brother House 28 days later style. they leave the house and find every1 is dead by predator and must fight!!! @ Amezzeray

Predator 3 - A group of Predators come to Earth, bent on revenge and killing the idiots who make a mockery of them %26 their films! @ JonRedworth

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