Twitch streamer completes Metal Gear Solid 2 with a dance pad

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A Twitch streamer has completed Metal Gear Solid 2 in less than nine hours… using a PS3 dance pad.

That's right. Variety streamer RealKittyRawr started the new year by completing the second Metal Gear Solid game on normal difficulty playing entirely with a dance pad. 

Here's the moment they did it, featuring the kind of nifty footwork that would put Kevin Bacon to shame:

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"Yoo I completed Metal Gear Solid 2 on a Dance Pad!!! something that I thought would be impossible...3 next?" they tweeted, ending with a wide-eyed emoji. 

"SUB 9 HOURS, I'LL TAKE IT," they added afterwards.

RealKittyRawr is not new to dance pad challenges; they've also completed all three of the original Resident Evil games on their dance pad, as well as Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. Metal Gear Solid 3 is "definitely next", with Bayonetta 3, Persona 3 PSP, Dead Space Remake, Castlevania DS games, and Silent Hill 3 speedruns also planned. 

And Lilly's not the only person to have taken on boss battles with a pad. Did you see MissMikkaa complete Elden Ring using a dance pad for a controller?

MissMikkaa – yes, the same MissMikkaa who completed the game with just one hand and without leveling up past rune level one – recently took down the game's toughest boss, Malenia, using a dance pad as a controller. That wasn't enough, though - MissMikkaa has since wowed us all when she beat two Malenias simultaneously, one using a controller and another with the aforementioned dance pad.

Did you catch the news earlier this week in which Shashank Joshi, defence editor at The Economist, reported that Paul Scharre's book "Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" revealed that several U.S. Marines managed to trick an artificial intelligence targeting system by hiding underneath a cardboard box.

"You could hear them giggling the whole time. Like Bugs Bunny in a Looney Tune's cartoon, sneaking up on Elmer Fudd in a cardboard box," Scharre's book reads, referencing someone who was there at the time to witness eight Marines attempt to reach the AI targeting system over 300 meters.

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