Tweets Of The Week

Simon Pegg’s been showing off the first official pic from his upcoming reunion with Nick Frost, the SF road movie comedy, Paul . The pic seems to be the opening of the movie, which kicks off at the San Diego Comic Con and is the most satisfyingly fannish pic he could have chosen. Colour us officially excited.

Stephen Fry was one Twitterer lucky enough to have attended the London premiere of Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones and called it "absolutely riveting and brilliant" whereas the same night, Dead Set writer Charlie Brooker wasn't having as good a time with the Beeb's new SF offering, Paradox. "It's sort of Casualty in reverse, isn't it?" he Twittered, calling it "very silly" before adding what we were all thinking, that "the makers of FlashFwd peered into the future & nicked the premise of Paradox."

Edgar Wright was also at the Lovely Bones premiere and told his 28,104 followers that he was "enthralled" by it. He also seemed excited about the remake news of Gerry Anderson's UFO: "I dare them to come up with a funkier theme tune than this this .”

It was Thanksgiving this week in the States and Iron Man director Jon Favreau gave us a bit of news on where Iron Man 2 is in the production process and he signalled he was looking forward to a break: "Editing all weekend," he wrote. "Looking forward to the Thanksgiving break. Iron Man 2 is a demanding mistress."

Stan Lee admitted this week that he's always had trouble remembering things. "I even had a bad memory when I was young. I'd call him ‘Bob Banner’ instead of ‘Bruce Banner”, etc. I hadda give out a heap of no-prizes!" He also announced that there's a documentary about him in the works. "Next year a production company will release a documentary about me," he bubbled. "I shouldn't tell you any more about me now – it might spoil the suspense!"

In a week when US talk show queen Oprah Winfrey announced her show was to end in 201, Lost producer Damon Lindelof Twittered, "Golly, Oprah – Announcing an end date for your show? Where'd you get THAT idea? I kid. Kinda." He also found time to see the new Twilight sequel, New Moon, and wondered, "if Vampires really keep diaries. 'Tuesday. 3 AM. Drank blood. Pouted. Stared intensely at girl. Went home. Watched FRIENDS.'" Steve O’Brien

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