Tweets Of The Week

This week saw the final filming day for that TV icon Gene Hunt. Writer and co-creator Matthew Graham was there, iPhone in hand and a tear in the eye. "To all kind well-wishers - thank YOU for your enthusiasm, your theories, your reviews and mostly your support," he Twittered, before posting some titillating on-set photos from the final day, here and here . (Matthew's the one on the left!). Dean Andrews (that's Ray in the series) gave us a few clues as to what to expect from the final episode. "It's a bit surreal sat chatting with Michael Parkinson, Peter Shilton, Sam Torrence and Willie Thorne. Very weird!" he Twittered. So, there are going to be quite a few cameos then. "Paul daniels is now doing card tricks for us. What a very unusual day," he let on later. And that's not all. "Now having lunch with Tony Hadley and the lovely Debbie McGee - brilliant!"

Neil Gaiman mentioned his award at last week's SFX Weekender on his Twitter. "I tried videoing acceptance speeches yesterday but the sound was bad, so they read them out instead. Also I gave them a scoop." You sure did, Neil , and thanks!

Caprica's Jane Espenson reacted this week to a Tweeter pointing out that a certain character drives the same car as another icon from another SF series. "Seriously? Joseph Adama drives the same car Buffy's Giles did? I had no idea. I suffer from car blindness, I guess," she Twittered, before adding, "Not the same car, obviously. Same kind. Joseph's is a newer car of Caprican manufacture displaying convergent evolution of design, right?"

A diehard Lost fan, with way too much time on his hands, recently compiled a video showing a continuity error between seasons one and six. Series writer Damon Lindelof, clearly a good sport, posted it on Twitter. "Person who made this? You complete me." Video here . He also reacted to some of the latest season's critics. "For those of you complaining of "filler." Seriously. PLEASE WATCH NCIS: LOS ANGELES. I promise not to hold it against you!"

Lindelof's Star Trek pal Simon Pegg let slip that he had a reunion this week with his old Spaced cohort Jessica Hynes on new film Burke and Hare. "Nice day working w/ ol' pal Jessica Hynes née Stevenson. Like being back on Spaced, if Spaced was set in 1828 & directed by John Landis." The next day his fanboy heart fluttered. "Got to work with the lovely Jenny Agutter yesterday. One of three American Werewolf cast members in the flick. This picture's a nerd farm!" Finally, after being asked about any future Spaceds, he nailed the final nail into that sitcom coffin. "Nobody wants to see a 40 year old Tim and Daisy. They have kids. And mortgage. There was a time for Spaced. This isn't it." Spoilsport.

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