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Twitter has become the first port of call for many in their tributes to fallen sci-fi icons. It will come as little surprise to learn, then, that the death of legendary author Ray Bradbury yesterday elicited an outpouring of emotion the scale of which we genuinely haven’t seen before, and from many you wouldn’t expect. The following is just a small sample. RIP Ray.

@ neilhimself Yesterday I recorded "the man who forgot Ray Bradbury". Rest in peace, Ray. We won't ever forget.

@ Markgatiss 'First of all it was October, a rare month for boys'. RIP Ray Bradbury. A dazzling, incredibly humane imagination like no other.

@ JonCG_novelist 'There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them...' Ray Bradbury, RIP

@ MargaretAtwood So sad to hear of Ray Bradbury's death. @Sam__Weller + I planned to visit him just before ComicCon. Shadow Show tribute made him happy...

@ ManMadeMoon Ray Bradbury passed away. Another amazing sci-fi visionary gone. Thank you for the ideas you left us, Mr. Bradbury. We'll try to take heed.

@ davegibbons90 RIP Ray Bradbury. I got to adapt a short story of his to comics once (Come Into My Cellar): couldn't cut a word. Every one mattered.

@ JaneEspenson Oh dear. Ray Bradbury is gone. Do yourself a favor and buy one of his books for yourself and one for a kid you know.

@ edgarwright A standing ovation for Mr Ray Bradbury. Our imagination will be dimmer without him.

@ DamonLindelof Fahrenheit 451: The temperature at which my heart aches. We will miss you, Ray.

@ wossy The GREAT Ray Bradbury has left the planet. When I was younger I read no one else. Was lucky enough to shake his hand. R is for RIP.

@ DAVID_A_SLADE So sad to see Ray Bradbury passed on today A great long life left such a treasury of work. I think I have read every word that he published

@ jamesmoran Aw, this one stings. RIP Ray Bradbury. Thank you for everything.

His stories played a big part in shaping my voice growing up. They were a distorted window into a magical world.

@ Glinner Bradbury meant everything to me when I was growing up. Very sad to hear he's gone.

@ HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN Bradbury, eternal sleep....

@ MorganSpurlock Ray Bradbury Dead At 91 I am setting fire to all the books in my office in his honor.

@ DonCoscarelli I remember listening to @raybradbury say that our reason for existence was to be witnesses to the awe and mystery of this amazing universe.

@ dhewlett RIP Ray Bradbury. He did such a fantastic job of scaring me over the years that a little part of me is worried he might just come back!

@ mrmarkmillar RIP RayBradbury. As a kid I remember reading he was Superman's favourite writer and so he instantly became mine too.

@ woodelijah very sad to hear of Ray Bradbury's passing. i grew up with his incredible stories.

@ David_Zuckerman RIP Ray Bradbury. Mars is mourning.

@ rainnwilson RIP Ray Bradbury You made Mars, time travel %26 Illustrated Men more real than reality for a 14 year old me. #RIPRay

@ Aiannucci Sad to hear that sci-fi bigwig Ray Bradbury has just evaporated.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof ... You're welcome? RT @MickBim Hey @DamonLindelof , you are the second person to rape my childhood after George Lucas ! Congrats !

Thank you, wonderful people who are tweeting me Prometheus love. If I could only stop hating myself, I would most assuredly retweet you.

@ wossy If I ran DC comics i'd start selling Swamp Thongs and Animal Man-Kinis for the beach. Thank you.

@ EllenPage Ahhhh Beyond! So excited and grateful to be apart of David Cage's work! It has been an incredible experience.

@ THEBRYANHITCH Wow! Judging by huge number of responses, the idea of me doing epic fantasy seems like it could be a good one. Stay tuned...

@ kevwilliamson Cursed. Originally it wasn't a werewolf movie. @zackgutin most notable change from an early draft to the final film?

@ ManMadeMoon Just watched Big Bang Theory for the 1st time. These are NOT my people.

@ SethMacFarlane RT @RachelFineMusic : Just saw a screener of "Ted". Might be the funniest movie I've ever seen. // Have you seen John Carter? It's funnier.

@ Paul_Dini Anyone but me fear the last scene of "Dark Knight Rises" will be Batman meeting his previously unseen best pal Superman for shw, er, pizza?

@ DarrenAronofsky : liked #Prometheus . fun.

Dare you continue on to page 2? (It's not that scary really)

@ edgarwright Have you seen people with hair like this?

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru i guess Wallace is really the Jeff Winger of scott pilgrim

Pierce as joker abed as batman jeff as bruce wayne Troy as Billy Dee Williams britta as Vicki Vale Annie as Knox #communitybatman1989

@ charltonbrooker Trail for Hitman: Absolution is terrible shit aimed at base, clueless imbeciles. Fuck the games industry if it thinks that works. Fuck it.

@ DomsWildThings You know what's rubbish about #gameofthrones ? When it ends and another show comes on.

@ pattonoswalt ATTN MARVEL: Please give serious consideration to C. Thomas Howell for the BLACK PANTHER movie. You can borrow my SOUL MAN VHS.

@ JamesGunn With @suda_51 at E3! Who else is here?

I'm going to try and talk Warners into calling it Tyler Perry's Lollipop Chainsaw in certain urban areas to up our profits.

@ Aiannucci About to watch Promethius. I've deliberately avoided watching Alien V Predator so I don't know what happens in the end.

@ GwynethPaltrow Day 1 on IM3. Pepper Potts! So happy to be here.

@ alicetroughton one of my #silk eps tonight. Involved shooting a sex scene in a disabled toilet, a first for me and certainly a change from #merlin

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