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Eternal Law gets a kicking, Steven Moffat’s cufflinks and the world’s most unlikely Snake Plissken in this week’s tweets

[caption id="attachment_59430" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="@steven_moffat When you think I can't get sadder - THESE ARE MY CUFFLINKS!!"]

Steven Moffat's cuflinks


Being a member of the anonymous Twitter masses is great. You can slag off anything you like without any fear of reprisal (if that’s your thing *cough* troll *cough*). Become a part of the business, however, and you’d be wise to curb your true feelings, burnt bridges and all that. Unfortunately no one sent that memo to former Sarah Jane Adventures showrunner Phil Ford, who took to Twitter to say what we were all thinking about ITV’s new Angels as lawyers show Eternal Law on Thursday night.

@ philfordesq 30 mins into the first ep of the first series of Eternal Law on ITV. Tempted to make a prediction on the chances of a second series.

There won't be one.

And that's an hour of my life that Heaven owes me. I mean to collect.

Ouch. In other news, we have a very quick SFX Follow, er, Monday for you this week as The Master John Simm has now joined the Twittersphere. So far the ratio of Doctor Who to football-related Tweets is disappointingly sportball flavoured (read: all about footie) but you should follow him anyway, because he’s ace.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ RealReeceShears Apparently in "Paranormal Activity 4" the fridge floats up, turns off and then they lose all their frozen mince.

@ jmechner The 1980s are as long ago now as the 1950s were when "Back to the Future" came out in the 1980s.

@ HamillHimself Thinking of Bob Anderson- fencing master & my instructor. Thank you for your expertise, kindness & patience. I am eternally grateful to you!

@ rcjohnso I don't want to be annoying about this, but if you're into scifi and haven't seen seasons 5 %26 6 of Dr Who, it's kinda important that you do.

@ simonpegg Enjoyed Hugo, despite almost being ruined by Phantom Menace 3D trailer. Come and revisit the most disappointing 2 hours of your life, in 3D!

@ batemanjason I'm addicted to Activision's SKYLANDERS. Went to three stores yesterday - all sold out of the action figures. Had to go black market. Help.

@ Jon_Favreau magical evening watching @ m_giacchino conduct a live orchestra on Bad Robot rooftop.

@ SethGreen I don't know how but they found me- meet at the rendezvous coordinates! # DidIMentionItTravelsThruTime

@ pattonoswalt If they remake ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, I elect Maggie Smith to play Snake Plissken. # DowntonPBS

@ oliviawilde So I'm late to the Drake game but at least I arrived! Forgive me I'm old and lame.

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