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The ultimate geek get-together, Duncan Jones on 3D and Paul Dini’s thoughts on Batman Live, all in this weeks’ tweets

Duncan Jones is one of the most exciting directors working today. All the more exciting because he’s one of us – a geek at heart with a love for videogames, comics and sci-fi that reaches right back to childhood.

Having suffered through many-a headache-inducing, gloomy 3D screening in the name of SFX ’s reviews section, imagine the smiles on our faces then when we saw Jones firmly pitching his tent in the anti-3D camp last night on Twitter. It’s particularly refreshing in an industry which seems almost blind to the significant setbacks of 3D, purely because of how much money it makes for major studios. The tide is turning! (We hope).

@ ManMadeMoon Honest opinion; Am I on the wrong side of history here, thinking that 3D films are just a fad? I still just don't feel the added value.

@ ManMadeMoon How does the idea of a mechanized cinema chair grab you? Tilts, rocks, jolts you with the action. That a good evolution for cinema?

@ ManMadeMoon Would be good for horror. Jumping in your seat could be literal... FF6 would have a whole new gimmick...

@ ManMadeMoon For all you people who hate the moving chairs bit, thats my point. And thats how I feel about 3D.

@ ManMadeMoon Last rant. 3D is a bit like a French tickler. May add something if your lucky, but it aint going to help if the film doesnt turn you on.

It’s also worth checking out Jones’ profile to see him address a few more questions directly (in particular his concerns about eye strain and moving the camera quickly).


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@ joe_hill 1 more thing: Dr Who acts like SF, but is really a longform horror story, where nothing is scarier than the Doctor falling in love with you.

@ stevendeknight Are you crazy kids Batmanning? RT @MoTancharoen Upside down reunion

@ Paul_Dini Back from a week in London doing PR for Arkham City. Also ran thru game one last time before final lock. It's awesome.

Saw Batman Live in London last week. I liked it fine until the Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker...well, you know the song. Seriously.

@ NASA Star Trek debuted 45 years ago today. Thanks fellow tweeps @WilliamShatner @TheRealNimoy @RealNichelle %26 @GeorgeTakei for the inspiration!

@ JoshuaEGomez Time for another round of... "Guess the voice behind the Re-enactment" Go!

@ MillaJovovich Hey every1! the fam is packed and we're on our way 2 the airport n goin 2 toronto till xmas 2 start RE5! Exciting, but sad 2 leave our home.

@ trutriciahelfer Voicing EDI while wearing a cylon spine shirt, lol. Tshirt by # fb

@ ManMadeMoon Been rummaging paperwork from SC %26 found doodle I did for buddy during production. warning: SC SPOILER

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