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Neil Gaiman clears up those American Gods rumours, Eli Roth declares World War Z a "masterpiece" and can you identify the famous SF necklace? All in the latest Tweets Of The Week

There used to be a time, BC (Before Comments) when celebrities would air their dirty laundry in the pages of red tops and gossip mags. Not anymore. With a direct, instant response only a Twitter question away and every man and his blog (er, including this one) reporting newsworthy outbursts the simple act of letting your fingers do the talking has become more public than ever before. Take Ellen Page, who recently had this to say about Naughty Dog’s masterpiece The Last Of Us (which stars a character who bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain Juno actress) during a reddit AMA :

"I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond Two Souls, so it was not appreciated."

This was met with a tweet by TLOU writer/creative director Neil Druckmann

@Neil_Druckmann Ellie from The Last of Us was perfectly played by @TheVulcanSalute . No one could've done a better job. Please go follow her and retweet.

And a Tweet by Naughty Dog:

Which Ellen Page replied to:

@EllenPage . @Naughty_Dog I agree! Looking forward to playing #TheLastofUs

And followed up with:

@EllenPage Now that this TLOU biz has been cleared up, let's talk about how this Fatal Labyrinth character is fo sho me

While letting fans know it wasn’t her in the game at all:

@EllenPage . @pspcarlos not me. Ashley Johnson played the send her the props!! :) @TheVulcanSalute

A veritable storm in a Twitter Cup!

The SFX Twitter Stream

@Y_Strahovski "Charles Carmichael always comes quickly"

@neilhimself Seeing news stories about AMERICAN GODS being "officially greenlit" at HBO. These are just people talking on the internet %26 not true at all.

@simonpegg My new hair colour makes me look like Brienne of Tarth but that's okay because she fucking rocks!

I like the bit in Man of Steel when the baddies got sent up to space in some cocks.

@SamWitwer #TheLastofUs . Hollywood, are you taking notes? And no, I don't mean buy the rights and make a movie out of it. #storytelling

@Syfy Awww...the best birthday a little girl ever had:

@EllenPage Now that this TLOU biz has been cleared up, let's talk about how this Fatal Labyrinth character is fo sho me

@eliroth World War Z is a masterpiece. I haven't been that tense in a movie in a long, long, long time. Worth every penny they spent making it.

@martinoxon My son just said -- is unisex when two unicorns do their "stuff?"

@ChloeGMoretz @mintzplasse killin it in press for kickass 2!! #August16 #KickAss2

@edgarwright Nearly done.

@EddieMcClintock And then there was this. #WAREHOUSE13 #SCURVYDOGS

@DamonLindelof Don't worry. You can still blame me. RT @gozdeuca : If we hate Prometheus 2 who will we blame?

@mrdrewpearce I feel like the reviewers who didn't like Iron Man 3 really missed a trick by not saying we'd "jumped the Stark".

@straczynski On Wednesday I turn in my first draft screenplay for a Shadowman movie based on the Valiant Comics character. Most excited.

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