TV REVIEW Medium 4.13 "A Cure for What Ails You"

Original US air date: 21/04/2008

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Written by: Corey Reed, Travis Donnelly

Directed by: Arlene Sanford


In Dreams: A friend of Lynn DiNovi makes a pact with some unseen collaborators while stormbound at an airport.

The One Where: A painkilling drug causes a number of apparently unrelated deaths.

Verdict: Nothing quite gels in this episode. A convoluted central plot isn’t helped by some confusing exposition, while a wannabe profound Allison voiceover about peeping toms (which questions if her dreams make her one too) is pretty much nonsensical. And while it’s refreshing to have a plot featuring Marie – the youngest of the Dubois clan – her eyetest-cheating antics are all rather humdrum (though she does look cute when she’s screwing her face up). On the upside there’s some great humour (the moment when Joe realises that Allison’s been dreaming about Scanlon and DiNovi in bed – “Tell me more!” – is a cracker) and the inconclusive ending work well.

Time Checks:
Scanlon: “It’s 11.40.”
Joe: “It’s 11.40.”
Joe: “You’re not doing too badly yourself – it’s quarter to one.”

Musing: It’s taken us a while to notice this, but why is the Dubois’ bedroom phone on Joe’s side of the bed, when it always seems to be Allison who needs to use it?

Best Line:
Joe: "You alright? Another dream? Was this one stupid too?"
Allison: "I wish."
Joe: "Wanna tell me about it?"
Allison: "There were people we knew in it. Scanlon, Lynn DiNovi..."
Joe: "Okay, what happened to them? Something bad?"
Allison: "No. They were in bed."
Joe: "Excellent. Tell me more."

Dave Golder

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