TV REVIEW Medium 4.10 "Wicked Game (2)"

Original US air date: 31/03/2008

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Written by: Robert Doherty

Directed by: Arlene Sanford


In Dreams: Allison’s dreams reveal that Cynthia’s daughter’s co-captive was, in fact, a murdering psycho.

The One Where: Cynthia Keener exacts her own form of revenge on the psychopath who killed her daughter.

Verdict: A simply awesome episode – Medium at its finest. You may well guess how it’s all going to end but that doesn’t lessen the emotional impact of the final scene in the slightest. It’s amazing how Cynthia has grown from a quite detestable character into one you care so much about, and that’s all down to intelligent scripting and a bravura performance from Anjelica Huston. The plot twist about the “other” kidnap victim in fact being the manipulative mastermind behind the murder is superbly crafted, the high drama balanced by an amusing and unpredictable home front B-plot, in which Joe tries to find funding for his solar battery. In fact, this is a very strong episode for Joe, who takes Allison to task for her expecting him to have faith in her (“This whole marriage has been about me believing in you...”) while she shows none in him. It’s a very believably written tirade, leaving the viewer to decide who’s in the right.

Trivia: There’s no precredit teaser, just a “story so far” recap.

Highlight: The final scene in which Cynthia confesses to Allison what she’s just done is a masterpiece of understatement in which simple lines like, “Whose house is this?” and “Just hold my hand ... and wait with me,” take on whole new levels of gravitas.

Best Line:
Bridgette: "Dad, the man you spoke to at the bank – did he look like this?"
Joe: "Bidgette, nobody looks like this."

Dave Golder

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