TV REVIEW Medium 4.08 "Burn Baby Burn (2)"

Original US air date: 17/03/2008

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Written by: René Echevarria, Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Vincent Misiano


In Dreams: More dental nightmares and immolation.

The One Where: A dentist frames his lover’s husband for her murder, and Allison lies to Joe’s mum… for her own peace of mind.

Verdict: Despite the fact the big twist is glaringly obvious, this is a much more satisfying episode than part one.

The main plot cracks along nicely, and even – gasp – comes to a climax with four minutes of the show left to go (this rarely happens in Medium, which usually has a Hitchcock approach of getting to credits as soon after the denouement as possible). This leaves the episode time to wrap up the ‘Joe’s mum’ storyline, which it does in a wonderfully bittersweet manner, with Allison lying that she’s had a dream in which her mother-in-law survives her illness (if Allison’s wrong, though, will ghost mum join be joining
ghost dad in coming back for regular visits?).

It’s great to see Van Dyke so humiliated, and to watch Allison taking advantage of Cynthia for a change rather than the other way around. As loathsome as Cynthia is, she’s been a great character and it’s a shame that her time on the show will soon be over.

Gratuitous Time Checks:
Scanlon: “It’s barely four in the morning.”
Allison (moments later): “It’s barely four in the morning.”
Joe's mum: “It’s only six o’clock.”

Did You Spot? The dentist is called Doctor Krane. Is this an in-joke? After all, Medium’s executive producer, Kelsey Grammer, played Doctor Crane in Cheers and Frasier.

Best Line:
Allison: "It’s so much nicer hearing that my dreams don’t make sense from you than from Cynthia Keener."

Dave Golder

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