TV REVIEW Chuck 1.13 "Chuck Versus the Marlin"

Original US air date: 24/1/08

Written by: Matthew Lau

Directed by: Allan Kroeker


The One Where: It looks like Chuck’s identity as the Intersect has been exposed so the CIA removes anything not bolted down at Buy More in the search for bugs. That includes Devon’s engagement ring for Ellie and Big Mike’s beloved ornamental Marlin.

Verdict: Veteran director Allan (“I’ve done everything”) Kroeker returns to bring some visual pizzazz back to the show, and prompts some great performances from the regulars as well. “Marlin” flows much better than the previous episode, helped by a tighter, more inventive script. Even the old “lost ring” shenanigans don’t play as predictably as you’d think at first. The underlying fear that one day Chuck will have to be removed from society for his own safety gives the show a dramatic anchor amongst the silliness.

Fight! Fight!: It’s anime-esque action as Sarah (in her short-skirted Wienerlicious outfit) takes on the female enemy agent (in her hyper-tight hot-pants and big boots) for some knicker-glimpsing action.

Geek Credentials: “I’m guessing that means you’ve got a prerelease demo of the next Call of Duty game?” says Morgan to Chuck.

Trivia: Sarah accesses her secret Weinerlicious computer by typing 720+ into the till.

In-Joke: The bug is called a GLG20, which is a reference to the film Spies Like Us in which the spies played by Dan Aykroyd and Chevvy Chase have the call sign GLG20.

Best Line:
Chuck (on Devon’s engagement ring for Ellie): "Like it? She’ll love it. I’m just not sure she’ll be able to lift her hand any more."

Dave Golder

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