Want to turn your Vita into a DualShock with a screen? Here's how

Not everybody is satisfied with the way Vita fits into their hands, thanks to its wide screen and stick placement. But there's an app for that! Well, there is if by 'app', you mean, 'application of a plastic peripheral that makes the Vita look like a DualShock ate a TV'. It's actually happened - look no further than Datel's Ashisuto Guripu or 'Assist Grip' for us Westerners.

It's designed to ergonomically fit your hands and replicate that lovely, friendly feeling of a PlayStation DualShock controller.

Above: There it is on a Vita and ready to sell to plastic-loving gamers everywhere

And just to prove it does indeed fit snugly into a person's hands:

Above: Are we cruel enough to say the sticks are now too low for comfort? Yes. Yes we are

Looks dangerously similar to those plastic accessories you can get for Wii-motes, but at least the intention here is to make your gaming device feel more like a gaming device, rather than a tiny plastic golf club.

Would you buy this accessory? And would you still look as achingly hip as the men in these lifestyle pics if you did?

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Justin Towell

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