Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Aaronofsky Takes His Weirdness to TV
Taking a leaf out of David Lynch’s book, Pi and The Fountain director, Darren Aaronofsky, is developing a supernatural thriller for US TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter "Riverview Towers" involves a family that moves into an apartment building with paranormal activity. At the moment, Aaronofsky is only confirmed as a producer on the project.

Hulk Making-Of Video
There’s a new (brief) making-of feature on the official The Incredible Hulk movie site, which looks suspiciously like it‘s destined to end up as a filler extra on the DVD release...

Another US Telefantasy Pilot
ABC has commissioned a pilot called The Castle, to be directed by telefantasy stalwart Rob Bowman (who helmed countless X-Files episodes). The show, according to Variety is about a horror novelist who works as a consultant for the NYPD. Blimey, don’t give the police in Maine ideas.

Jericho, Not Dead Again
Yep, the show that refuses to die has been thrown another lifeline, according to SyFy Portal . A third series of Little Fall Out Shelter on the Prairie could be partly funded by a subscription-only service called Comcast. So, if the cast members can convince all their families and friends to subscribe, the show may be in with a chance...

Sanctuary Finds UK Sanctuary
No link for this one, as it was a press release sent straight to us (though you can click here if you really feel the need – it just won’t take you anywhere). ITV4 has bought the rights to show the first full TV series of Sanctuary, the Amanda Tapping-starring show that first premiered on the net. Written and directed by people who need something to do between Stargate spin-offs, Sanctuary uses live actors shot against SG sets. A UK air date has yet to be confirmed.