Truckload of Need For Speed Carbon screens

After seeing Need For Speed Carbon at EA's Studio Showcase '06, we are aching to get our hands on it again. With the release date looming in November of this year, we're hoping to have it in the GamesRadar offices very soon. At the moment, it looks we'll all have to settle for this titanic load of new screens and the nifty intro video you can view by clicking on the Movies tab above.

Still, we'd like to point out that a most of these screens lack any sort of interface (the part that shows you how fast you're going or what gear you're in) and some of them a from angles that the game would never show you if you were actually playing. It would appear, then, that these are not actual gameplay shots even though EA may have used the game's graphics engine to create them. Hey, at least they're really pretty.

September 18, 2006