Tron: Legacy AR mobile app turns gamers into light cycles, walking hazards

Tron's light cycles are easily the most iconic part of the Tron franchise, and now Coke Zero is getting in on the race by giving mobile gamers a chance to 'be the bike' in its Tron: Legacy augmented reality app.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the game works by mapping a gamer's physical movements via GPS and interpreting their travels as one long, light cycle trail. Playing against AI opponents, players 'win' by cutting off other AI light cycle trails and/or avoiding traffic collisions.

So far, the free-to-play app is for single players only, but Coke has announced that it will be adding multiplayer and enhanced solo mechanics in future updates. What does Coke have to do with any of this? Cross-promotion film-game-fizzy-drink synergy, we guess. But hey, it's a free thing to do.

The game can be downloaded at the officialCoke Zero site.

Nov 15, 2010

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