Trials of Mana remake is getting a free demo this week

The HD remake of the 1995 classic Trials of Mana is getting a free demo for Switch PS4, and PC via Steam on Wednesday, March 18. You can check out the final trailer for Trials of Mana above before the game releases on April 24.

For Switch owners in the West, do note that the demo is only available on the Japanese Switch eShop. That said, the Japanese version has English language support, and since the Switch is region-free, you can play the Trials of Mana demo on your Switch from anywhere.

The Trials of Mana demo was announced on the game's Japanese Twitter account (via Gematsu), which says any progress you make in the demo can be transferred to the full version. Likewise, the demo will let you play from the beginning of the game, where you get to choose your party combination, to the Fullmetal Hugger boss battle.

This will be the first Western release of the HD Trials of Mana remake, which is currently only available in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3. If you're interested, be sure to pre-order or buy the game by May 21, as that's the cutoff for receiving the Rabite Adornment DLC that boosts EXP earned until level 10.

For the sake of clarity, the Trials of Mana remake is not a part of the recently-released Collection of Mana, which includes Final Fantasy Adventure (Game Boy), Secret of Mana (SNES), and the 1995 original Trials of Mana (Super Famicom).

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Jordan Gerblick

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