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Trials Evolution squirrels guide

Squirrels #11-15

Above: Squirrels 11-15

Squirrel #11 (Collateral Damage: Mind Bender)

You’ll eventually reach a giant cube of water. Bailout when you hit the center of that cube. If you’ve timed it right, you’ll fly high into the air. Use the left stick to guide your character up and to the left to reach a secret area containing a squirrel.

Squirrel #12 (Collateral Damage: Harbor Havoc)

Squirrel #13 (Collateral Damage: Power Plant)

When you reach the elevator, wait for it to reach the top then reverse. Continue backwards until you fall off the roof’s edge.

Squirrel #14 (Collateral Damage: Swamp Fever)

There’s a checkpoint just after the second spiked ball right in front of a large upward slope. You have to speed up that slope and bailout in such a way to launch yourself high over the uppermost platform and as far right as possible. Make sure that you bailout just as your bike leaves the ramp, and that you use the left stick to control the flight path of your body. The slope and the timing can be extremely tricky, so thankfully the checkpoint puts you right in front of the jump.

Squirrel #15 (Cutting Edge: Physics Factory)

At the start of the race, make sure to get as much speed off of that long catwalk that rises up (before it drops down) and try to make a clean launch all the way over to the bouncy grate. If you’re having trouble making the distance, just ensure that your back tire is in contact with the catwalk for as long as possible. Before you land on the bouncy grate, hold down the brake button. Continue holding the button until you reverse off the grate and down a newly opened path. Squirrel!

Squirrels #16-20

Above: Squirrels 16-20

Squirrel #16 (Cutting Edge: Around the Ranch)

This squirrel is at the very end of the track. At the final checkpoint, leap from the yellow ramp, but not at full throttle. You don’t want to cross the finish line. Instead, you want to land just before it, and reverse until this squirrel unlocks.

Squirrel #17 (Cutting Edge: RedLynx Moto-Jam)

As soon as the race begins, you’ll see a pyramid of logs in front of you. The trick is to touch the top log with your front tire (in order to set off the green fireworks) without actually riding over the pyramid. If you can do this, simply reverse beyond the starting line until you find your squirrel.

Squirrel #18 (Cutting Edge: Lab Rat)

At checkpoint #6, you’ll notice the path takes you through a puddle which lies just underneath a faucet. Stop underneath this faucet and enter the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, x, a, x) and you shall have your squirrel.

Squirrel #19 (Death Valley: Under Construction)

As you climb a series of I-beams, you’ll notice one near the top of the structure fall down as you get near it. When you see this, reverse carefully (use sporadic braking to control your speed) until you land on the ground in the spot pictured above. The squirrel should then appear.

Squirrel #20 (Death Valley: Bridge of Trials)

Near the end of the race, look for a hanging handhold just above one of the steeper plank ramps (pictured above). Bailout and hold Y to be carried over to a raft holding the last squirrel.