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Treyarch: Activision comment about shutting down PS3 Black Ops servers taken out of context

In response to a customer complaint, a representative for Call of Duty: Black Ops publisher Activision recently suggested that PS3 servers for Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 could be shut down in response to the rising number of reports concerning connectivity issues, hacking, and cheating in multiplayer matches.

But according to Josh Olin, community manager for developer Treyarch, comments from the Activision support manager were “taken out of context.” Olin emphasized that Treyarch is “committed to supporting the PS3 community with some great updates on the way.”

The Activision comment in question, which hinted that shutting down PS3 servers may be a viable solution for online play problems, was posted by Jason Koblovsky. The email chain featuring the official Activision response can be found on Koblovsky’sblog.

Jan 20, 2011