Traveller's Tales Games is hiring new programmers for an upcoming Lego title

Lego Star Wars
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It looks like another new Lego game might be on the horizon. Traveller's Tales Games is currently hiring for two new positions - a Game Programmer and a Junior Game Programmer - to work on an upcoming title. According to the listing, the game in question will be "a major IP based Lego game" that will be built in Unreal Engine.

The job listings provide some more insight into the game and what fans can expect in the new title, with what seems to be a strong focus on online play. The listing describes players utilizing "fun, networked player mechanics," as opposed to previous Traveller's Tales titles which focus more on local multiplayer and co-op. The job listing also mentioned daily tasks that include "creat[ing] fun networked enemy AI, Party AI and Boss AI" and "populate the hubs with fun networked gameplay."

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It can only be speculated what exactly is in the works here, and with what IP. Traveller's Tales is currently working on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which is due for release in Spring 2021. The studio has made Lego games for an absolutely huge variety of IPs, so it's near impossible to nail down exactly what's on the way, especially with so little information in the job listing. With a resumé that includes Star Wars as well as both the DC and Marvel superheroes, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Regardless of what franchise this new title will be taking on, fans can be sure that the end result should be an exciting new title with some interesting online play.

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