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Trauma Center: Under the Knife review

The DS sews up the most bizarre emergency room ever


  • Best use of stylus controls
  • ever
  • Tensely-paced surgeries
  • Wacky hospital staff


  • Text logs between and during surgeries
  • Difficult procedures=lots of do-overs
  • No multiplayer

Utilizing the unique DS control scheme to its fullest, Trauma Center: Under the Knife offers gamers the chance to turn their stylus into a scalpel and play doctor in one of the DS’s best kept secrets.

Trauma Center puts you in the long white coat of Dr. Derek Stiles, a young surgeon performing complicated procedures amidst a dramatic backdrop of medical terrorism, miraculous healing powers and loopy, soap opera-like characters - seriously, there’s even a euthanizing, dude-speaking doc.

More Info

DescriptionIf a lack of new and addictive DS content is what ails you, pick up this creative, satisfying surgical sim and call us in the morning.
PlatformDS, Wii
US censor ratingTeen
Release date4 October 2005 (US), 28 April 2006 (UK)