Transporter 3 trailer shows off the stunts

You know what to expect when you walk into one of the Transporter films - high-energy stunts, Jason Statham fighting with everyday objects and a little OTT madness. If the new trailer for The Transporter 3 is to be believed, that fine tradition is being upheld.

Olivier Megaton is the man behind the camera for this outing, which finds Statham’s hard nut Frank Martin is press ganged into making yet another illegal delivery. But this time, there’s a twist: if he wanders too far from his car, a chunky bracelet bomb clamped to his wrist goes kaboom.

Cue Martin using all sorts of transport - including a kids’ bike - to keep from getting exploded into chunks, and the usual rush of logic-denouncing stunts. And you ladies (plus a few of the gentlemen) will be glad to see the Statham going shirtless for a while.

It opens on 5th December, and you can check out the insanity below.

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