Train Simulator 2012's 'A4 Pacific' add-on makes the original RailWorks 3 look LAUGHABLE

Have you seen how good computer games have got? I mean, you look at Pong now and it's like 'wow'. You know? It used to look so realistic, so absolutely just like real tennis. All it would have needed was for someone to don a sweatband and question a line call and you could have been watching McEnroe at Wimbledon, with all the RSI, Cliff Richard and strawberry stains that go with it. Well, compare Pong to RailWorks 3: Train Simulator 2012 and even the biggest Atari fan would have to admit their console is for dweebs.

Above: It was out, face it Lefty

But you know what? Even new entertainment programs on full colour Personal Computers can look better with a few tweaks and pokes. Just look at the difference between Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 and its new A4 Pacific add-on pack. Just look!

Here's the original...

And here's the new deluxe add-on version:

Incredible, isn't it? Sure, you could argue that all they've done is made all the shadows so dark you can't make out any detail, leaving the imagination to fill in the gaps, but that really would be an embarassingly naïve opinion to put forward. One that would frankly earn you the scorn and derision of your fellow virtual railway enthusiasts. Did you not see these improvements?

Look at the new incidental chimney effects:

Above: As if the wind would register a 0 on the Beaufort scale! Ludicrous

And the huge difference the new lighting makes to the passengers!

Above: Far superior in the new version (right). Looks like X-Files pin-up Gillian Anderson

Honestly, it's like night and day. Quite literally at times. Unfortunately, the computer program shown here will not run on your Pentium 186, meaning you'll have to get saving to purchase some new equipment from your local electronics emporium. But it'll probably still be cheaper than making these journeys for real, eh? Fnar.

But as if this A4 Pacific add-on pack wasn't enough to make you need a sit-down and a cup of tea, let me tantalise your eyes with the following image:

Above: This is an official image - you can dare to believe

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