Trailer for J.J. Abrams Super 8 is here

Remember how excited you were when you first watched the trailer for some weird, hush-hush project called Cloverfield ?

Get ready to experience that feeling all over again. And yup, J.J. Abrams is the one to blame for it once more.

The trailer for his new top secret film Super 8 has leaked online - mere hours ahead of its official debut attached to US screenings of Iron Man 2 .

Due out Summer 2011, Super 8 has been crafted under a similar restricted access environment as Abrams’ alien invasion flick Cloverfield .

And, befitting of a film that seems to be about Area 51, the only information we have on the project is conjecture and rumour. We know now that it’s not Cloverfield 2 , but what is it?

We're gonna call it now, and propose that it has something to do with the circumstances surrounding the supposed 1947 alien autopsy that was filmed in Roswell, New Mexico (opens in new tab) . If it is, we hope it’s a darn sight better than Ant and Dec’s attempt (opens in new tab) .

Good luck attempting to figure it all out while watching this minimalistic but brilliant teaser...

In related news, the flick’s official website has now launched (opens in new tab) . So far it features nothing more than a flickering camera reel, but more tantalising treats will no doubt appear in the next year.

Looking forward to Super 8 ? Drop us your conspiracy theories below...

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