Tower of Fantasy promises to publicly shame cheaters amid incoming anti-cheat improvements

Tower of Fantasy
(Image credit: Hotta Studios)

Tower of Fantasy is getting improved anti-cheat, and those found to have been cheating will have their punishments announced soon.

In its first developer report, Hotta Studios said that it had "received a large number of Wanderers' feedback and suggestions" since the game's worldwide launch last week. That launch didn't go particularly smoothly, with Hotta offering up freebies to compensate for login errors and server queues.

Hopefully, however, that particular issue shouldn't be affecting players any longer, as not only does Hotta say that it's already increased the game's server cap, but it claims that it'll be increasing it even further in the near future.

Elsewhere, the team says it'll also be working on "improvement of the game's anti-cheat mechanism," and that "the announcement regarding the first batch of Wanders caught using cheats along with their punishments" is also on its way. Also on the docket is a fix for the "blank error pop-up window" that some players may have stumbled across.

Hotta also says that it's rolled out compensation to players who didn't receive their purchases when buying supplies, and introduced a chat cooldown, which should help with the most enthusiastic spammers. Finally, it encourages players to ensure they use the same log-in method each time they boot up the game. Even if your email address is the same across each log-in platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple), the game will recognize each platform as a new account, which could result in your current character 'disappearing' if you use a different method to access the game.

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