Totally Game episode 2 focuses on the inspiring story of quadriplegic Call of Duty player RockyNoHands

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In this week's Totally Game, we're meeting Rocky Stoutenburgh, a quadriplegic Call of Duty player who streams under the name RockyNoHands, who plays games using nothing but his mouth. 

The 33 year old, who has over 50,000 Twitch followers and 50,000 YouTube subscribers, uses a device called the 'Quadstick', which allows players to control gamers with their mouth, by either sipping or blowing into it. 

After an unfortunate accident in 2006 left Rocky paralysed from the neck down, his brother Andrew helped him by researching what adaptive controllers for games Rocky could use. The Quadstick isn't just a handy tool for getting players like Rocky into games though, it also has the medical benefit of strengthening his lungs. Despite his initial reservations, Rocky started to get used to the Quadstick and eventually tested his hands at some shooters. 

Rocky reveals in Totally Game: "“When PUBG first came out, my brother was playing it and he told me I would never win a game. So I went and played offline and then the first day I streamed it, I won. I only had one kill, the last other player left in the game. But I still won, and everyone was amazed.”  

Winning PUBG with your mouth is no easy feat, but Rocky didn't stop there. He now has two Guinness World Records in Fortnite, one for the most wins in the game using his mouth, another for most kills in the game using his mouth. On top of that, Rocky is also a skilled Call of Duty Warzone player. Rocky says in Totally Game: "Right now I focus mostly on Call of Duty: Warzone because it's the newest game out and it turns out I’m really good at it. My favourite thing to do in Warzone is snipe, I get a lot of quick snipes. My highest kill game is 13, which is better than most."    

Totally Game is a weekly show that focuses on the stories of players around the world, from the inspiring tales of people who have overcome difficulties using games to the amazing feats of record breakers. You can catch new episodes every Wednesday on Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and right here on GamesRadar. 

Catch up with the series so far by watching episode one here. 

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