Total War: Elysium card game spin-off announced

(Image credit: SEGA)

Developer Creative Assembly and publisher SEGA have announced a new game in the Total War franchise, but it's probably not the type of experience you're imagining from the real-time strategy series. 

Total War: Elysium is a collectable card game for PC and mobile inspired by twenty years of Total War titles, spanning the full gamut of historic conflict, from the Napoleon to the Persian wars. You can watch the reveal trailer for the game, complete with a first look at gameplay below. 

"The exciting gameplay board gives countless options for the general in all of us," reads Creative Assembly's accompanying press release, "with dynamic battleline mechanics, midgame deck editing, and the new Daybreak mechanic bringing the feeling of the battlefield to the CCG Board."

Total War: Elysium includes both a single-player campaign and options for multiplayer PvP, and interested fans can now sign up for limited testing phases starting on mobile platforms this month. A PC release is expected to follow later this year. 

Creative Assembly promises that Elysium retains the tight, tense tactics of the mainline Total War games, but boils all of that strategy down to a single CCG Board, which looks to be inspired by mechanics from other popular card games like Hearthstone and Gwent. For more information, you can head to the official Total War: Elysium website here

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