The Total Film FrightFest 2015 Awards

Film4FrightFest 2015 was the 16th FrightFest and the biggest and best yet. Rounding up 76 nightmare movies from around the globe, it revealed the horror genre to be in the rudest of health, exploring our deepest and darkest fears with the hunger of a vampire that will not stop until every last drop of blood is drained.

Total Film here awards the best of the best...

Best Film (Main Screen)
Nina Forever
Scherzo Diabolico
Shut In
Turbo Kid
We Are Still Here

And the winner is...
Nina Forever

Best Film (Discovery Screens)
The Hallow
Over Your Dead Body
The Rotten Link
Sun Choke
These Final Hours
They Look Like People

And the winner is...
Over Your Dead Body (below)

Best Actor
Luis Ziembrowski - The Rotten Link
Joseph Mawle - The Hallow
Kote Tolordava - Landmine Goes Click
Nathan Phillips - These Final Hours
Cian Barry - Nina Forever
And the winner is...
Joseph Mawle (The Hallow)

Best Actress
Abigail Hardingham - Nina Forever
Maria Thayer - Night Of The Living Deb
Laurence Leboeuf - Turbo Kid
Bojana Novakovic - The Hallow
Sarah Bolger - Emilie
And the winner is...
Laurence Leboeuf (Turbo Kid)

Best Director
Ben & Chris Blaine - Nina Forever
Ted Geoghegan - We Are Still Here
Takashi Miike - Over Your Dead Body
Ben Cresciman - Sun Choke
Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell - Turbo Kid
And the winner is...
Takashi Miike (Over Your Dead Body)

Best Death
Sink and multiple stabs - Bait
Peddling guts - Turbo Kid
Throat slit in barn - Some Kind Of Hate
Axed to bits - Awaiting
Pumpkinhead - Tales Of Halloween
And the winner is...
Peddling guts - Turbo Kid

Best Gore
Noel Fielding's cock bitten off - Aaaaaaaah!
Dildos and chainsaws - Deathgasm
Totem pole - Turbo Kid
Arterial neck spray - We Are Still Here
Peel back scalp flap and dip fingers in brain - Frankenstein
And the winner is...
Dildos & chainsaws (Deathgasm)

Best scare
Blowing a fuse - We Are Still Here
Back seat driver - We Are Still Here
Body opens eyes - Body
Car trouble - The Hallow
Bathroom attack - The Hangman
What's in the basement? - Pod
School of J-horror - A Christmas Horror Story
And the winner is...
What's in the basement? (Pod)

Best Dialogue
"Moira, what's it going to take to stop you?" "Everybody dying" - Some Kind Of Hate
"People always get sick after vacations. I'm sure they've seen this before" - Bite
"Prepare to face the turbo charge of justice. In the face!" - Turbo Kid
"He's 50 shades of heeey" - Night Of The Living Deb
"Is she making fucking tea?" - Shut In
And the winner is...
"Moira, what's it going to take to stop you?" "Everybody dying" (Some Kind Of Hate)

Best Psycho
Zeus (Michael Ironside) - Turbo Kid
Venus (Alexis Kendra) - Goddess Of Love
Jeremy (Jonathan Slinger) - Bait
Gerald (Neville Archambault) - Slumlord
Morris (Tony Curran) - Awaiting
The Driver (Jess Liaudin) - Night Fare
Emelie (Sarah Bolger) - Emilie
And the winner is...
Neville Archambault (Slumlord, below)

Best Monster
Shadow Man with Hat - The Nightmare
7ft werewasps - Stung
Post-bite Casey - Bite
Super Pumpkin - 'Bad Seed' Tales Of Halloween
Queen of the Damned - Cherry Tree
The Hallow - The Hallow
And the winner is...
The Hallow (The Hallow)

Best Head Explode
Stamp on Casey's head - Bite
Shotgun blast - Scherzo Diabolico
Burning head collapse - We Are Still Here
Spinning lobotomy - Turbo Kid
Axing priest's face - The Rotten Link
Hammering budgie's head - Shut In
Pistol-whipping monster - Pod
Shooting cop's face off - Night Fare
And the winner is...
Burning head collapse (We Are Still Here)

Creepiest moment
Brushing teeth - Slumlord
Lying in bed, looking - They Look Like People
Birthing spawn - Bite
"It hurts" - Over Your Dead Body
Sitting kids down to parents' sex tape - Emilie
And the winner is...
Brushing teeth (Slumlord)

Most Disturbing Self-Surgery
DIY abortion - Over Your Dead Body
Stitching wound - Inner Demon
Sawing leg - Curve
Cutting off leg with guitar string - Awaiting
And the winner is...
DIY abortion (Over Your Dead Body)

Best Insect Terror
Giant Wasps - Stung
Satanic Centipedes - Cherry Tree
Hungry Ants - Curve
Whatever the fuck she's turning into - Bite
Tasty Maggots - Frankenstein
And the winner is... Whatever the fuck she's turning into (Bite)

Best Restoration Award
The Reflecting Skin

The Lucio Fulci Award For Eye Trauma
The Hallow

Most Ear-Bleeding Sound Design
Summer Camp

Most Artic Air Conditioning
Prince Charles Discovery Screen

Cheapest Sting Ending
Cherry Tree

Most Ubiquitous Actor
Larry Fessenden (We Are Still Here, Body, Pod)

Most Ubiquitous Actress
Barbara Crampton (Road Games, We Are Still Here, Sun Choke, Tales Of Halloween)

Best Introduction
"So, The Diabolical... I haven't seen it so I don't fucking know anything, actually... Oops, Alan told me not to swear. Anyway, hope you enjoy" - Ian Rattray (filling in last minute for Alan Jones)

Editor-at-Large, Total Film

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