Top ten most breathtaking moments in God of War II

8) Killing Clotho
The first two sisters of fate are quite hot. The third sister? Not so much, unfortunately. Clotho's in charge of the Loom of Destiny, and to change your past - that is, avoid getting skewered by Zeus - you'll have to persuade her to play along. And by "persuade," we mean "jam a gigantic metal pendulum through the side of her head." After you%26rsquo;ve jammed spikes through her hands, of course.

9) Scariest cut scene ever
Betrayed and killed by Zeus, Kratos goes to Hades. It's time for a quick recap of him murdering his own family, then a quick cut to a lady lying in his bed... who suddenly snaps her head around, Exorcist-style, and tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Way to kill the mood, baby. Then it's a jump-cut to Zeus stabbing you to bits, as your little daughter barks "DON'T DIE YET!" in an evil voice. Aaaah!

Joel Snape
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