Top Hand Rodeo Tour to bring the 'yee-haw' to Move

Why aren't there more rodeo games out there? Probably becausethey would suck. But throw in realistic motion controls and strong visuals, and developer Perpetual FX Creative thinks it has a winner.

In a poston the official PlayStation Blog, Perpetual FX said it wanted to create "the full experience of professional rodeo to anyone and everyone as realistically as possible." And, of course, the only way to do that is to swing a lit wand in front of a motion-tracking webcam.

Top Hand Rodeo Tour will include everyone's favorite rodeo events, like "calf roping" and "team roping." That's more roping than you can shake a stick at. And you know this isn't Move already diving into the ridiculous (which at least took the Wii a few weeks), becauseyou all know Perpetual FX forclassics Galactic Bowling and Alien Monster Bowling League.

As awesome as the game obviously sounds, there is something annoying about today's announcement. The development team created a trailer that shows absolutely no gameplay. This is becoming an unsettlinglybig trend. Evenridiculous old-school Game Boy commercialsshowed more gameplay than this trailer does. And that's saying something.

Above: The "sneak peak" posted by Perpetual FX on the PlayStation Blog is actually just 45 seconds of voice-over and camera shots of an actor

Official details for Top Hand Rodeo Tour, like a release date and price, will come out later. We may or may not bother to tell you about them (we'd recommendRed Dead Redemptionif you need a roping fix).Now enjoy this tangentially-related collection of awesome rodeo bloopers:

Sep 1, 2010

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