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Tooth Fairy review

An aggressive hockey player gets an unlikely makeover...

Tooth Fairy review - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson toplines this brain-softening kidflick about Derek ‘The Tooth Fairy’ Thompson, a downwardly spiralling minor-league hockey bruiser known mostly for sending his opponents to the dentist.

Thompson gets an 11th-hour stab at redemption when he’s recruited to serve as an actual tooth fairy – of the tutu and magic dust variety – and in the process, perhaps, learn a little bit about life and love along the way. Yuck.

Director Michael Lembeck is responsible for both Santa Clause sequels and hundreds of cheesy sitcom episodes, so this is very familiar territory for him.

He turns in a professional job, aided by the likeable Johnson who leads a can-do cast that includes a charming Julie Andrews as the fairy godmother and Stephen Merchant as a fussy angel.

For all that, there isn’t a kid alive who could possibly buy into the soulless treacle that serves as sentiment here. Forgettable mush.

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